Linda Holland Watercolors


I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream. ~ Vincent van Gogh


“When I paint,
time stands still...

I guess it is because it doesn't occur to me to look at a clock. All my thoughts center on the next brush stroke. I dab my brush in color, try a touch to test and then lay a bold stroke on paper and marvel at the results. Sometimes I stand back and say in wonder, ‘how did I do that?’ And sometimes, in a lower voice, I say, ‘oh no...

how did I do that!”


Special Event

Historic Homes in Hillsboro

Currently in the auditorium at the Civic Center, Hillsboro, 150 Main Street, a collection of paintings with the theme of houses and Hillsboro locations will show from April 2014 through June 2014. The presentation was made at the City Council meeting of April 2 when Mayor Jerry Willey read a brief bio of Linda and introduced her to the audience. Paintings hanging in the auditorium are:

  • Rice-Gates House
  • Donelson House
  • Bloomin’ Cherry Tree by Courthouse
  • Red House on Walnut & 4th
  • White House on Jackson & 6th
  • Yellow House on Edison & 5th
  • Lacy House

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