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I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream. ~ Vincent van Gogh


celing tile - Linda Holland


 Michelangelo Project

Although it may not be possible to re-create the Sistene Chapel’s elaborate design, a two-foot by four-foot panel is the space artists were given to illustrate their favorite design every Tuesday at Tuesday Marketplace at the "Who's on Third?" corner.

A different artist donated their talent and skill to paint their one-of-a-kind ceiling tiles. And then the finished tile was donated to the Influence Music Hall, 135 NE 3rd Ave., Hillsboro, a 503(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The art will be seen every Friday night during the Open Mic event as well as at concerts and other events held at this popular venue that has been in Hillsboro since 2007.

The Michelangelo Project was the idea of Linda Holland who is on the board of Tuesday Marketplace. This project was a way to have the community involved and also draw attention to how music and art touches people's lives which improves their quality and makes our community better.

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Ceiling Tile - Linda Holland

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